Mohanlal movies

1) Doore Doore Oru Koodu Koottam is a 1986 Malayalam film written by Sreenivasan and directed by Sibi Malayil. It stars Mohanlal,Menaka, Jagathy Sreekumar, Nedumudi Venu, Mamukkoya, Sukumari, Kunjandi, Sreenivasan, Innocent and K. P. A. C. Sunny in major roles. It won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues

"Salt mango tree" comedy is in this movie.

2) Pattanapravesham - Mohanal, Sreenivasan - (1998)

 Malayalam comedy film directed by Sathyan Anthikkad and written bySreenivasan. It is the sequel to Nadodikkattu and follows the story of Dasan (Mohanlal) and Vijayan (Sreenivasan) who are now CIDs and are investigating a homicide case. The film was produced by Siyad Koker under the banner of Kokers Films.
Priyadarshan made a sequel to this film, Akkare Akkare Akkare

3) Nadodikkattu - Mohanlal, Sreenivasan - (1987)

Nadodikattu opens by introducing the two protagonists, Ramdas aka Dasan (Mohanlal) and Vijayan (Sreenivasan), who are employed as ill-paid peons. A commerce graduate, and proud of that, Dasan frequently vents his frustration in having to serve lesser qualified superiors and having to settle with lesser than what he feels he deserves in life. Vijayan, his lesser-educated, comic sidekick, is his roommate and sole friend. Their relationship is one full of tension, with Dasan adopting a superior stance on the account of his education and good looks, which fiercely rattles Vijayan. Several comic situations later in the film borrow from this aspect of their characters. Dasan frequently bosses over Vijayan to do all the household chores.

One the most popular comedy dialogue : "Pavanayi Shavamayi" is in this movie,

4) Akkare Akkare Akkare - Mohanlal, Sreenivasan - (1992)
After Nadodikkattu and Pattanapravesham, CIDs Ramdas and Vijayan are back for another wacky adventure. When a priceless gold crown is stolen from India, Ramdas (Mohanlal) and Vijayan (Sreenivasan) are sent to the United States to retrieve it. The only clue they have is a pseudonym ("Paul Barber") and a piece of a torn shirt. In the States, the two remain as helpless and clueless as they were in the two prequel films and realize that this is their toughest case yet.