Mukesh ,Siddique, Jagadish Team

1) Kunukitta Kozhi - Jagadish, Siddique - 1992

Its the movie with famous comedy scene in which at the job interview place Jagadish get a tip that the manager is a big cricket fan. So , Jagadish pretends to be one , but it backfires when the appointed manager does not come in and his father who hates cricket does the interview and he does not get the job.

2) ELLARUM CHOLLANU  - Mukesh, Manian pilla raju, Mammukoya(1992)

3) Mannar mathai speaking - innocent, mukesh, saikumar - (1995)

Malayalam comedy film written by Siddique-Lal, produced and directed by Mani. C. Kappan, starringMukesh, Saikumar and Innocent. It is the sequel to Ramji Rao Speaking (1989). Priyadarshan remade the film into Hindi as Bhagam Bhag (2006). Writer Siddique later reused the story and tweaks it for his Tamil movie Sadhu Miranda.
In the opening credits for the movie, nobody's name is shown as the director. Instead, a statement by producer Mani C Kappan, saying thanks to Siddique-Lal for helping him out in directing the movie is shown. However, in the closing credits of the movie, Mani. C. Kappan is credited as the director. Actually, the film was directed by Siddique alone as Lal was not interested in a sequel for their evergreen film. After completing the film, Siddique did not agree to credit his name alone as the director. He suggested producer Kappan to credit himself as the director.
After more than 15 years of release, a sequel for the film is announced. It will be directed and produced by Mani. C. Kappan himself but neither Siddique nor Lal has agreed to write the script. The same cast will re-appear in the film

5) Ramji Rao Speaking - Innocent, Mukesh, Saikumar - (1989)

Malayalam comedy film written and directed by the Siddique-Lal duo. It stars Saikumar, Mukesh, Innocent and Rekha in the lead roles. The film deals with social factors affecting Kerala such as poverty and unemployment during the 1980s.
Fazil remade this film in Tamil as Arangetra Velai. Priyadarshan also liked the film's interesting story and remade the film into Hindi as Hera Pheri, a film which became one of the biggest hits in Bollywood.
This film marked the debut of director duo Siddique - Lal, actors Saikumar, Rekha, N. F. Varghese, Harishree Ashokan, and music director S. Balakrishnan.

6) In Harihar Nagar - Mukesh, Siddique, Asokan, Jagadish - (1990)

The best Malayalam comedy movie ever made!

7) Malappuram Haji Mahanaya Joji - Mukesh, Siddique, Jagathi - (1994)

Kunjalikutty (Siddique) gets a visa to Dubai and a job offer at his Dad's friend's (Madhu) school in Malappuram at the same time. His dad refuses to let him go to Dubai and wants him to take the teaching job. So he sends his friend Joji (Mukesh) as himself to the school and goes to Dubai without his parents knowing. This leads to hilarious situations as Joji could not reveal his identity to keep his job secure.

8) Post Box No. 27 -  Siddique, Mukesh, Sainuddin - (1991)

9) Poochakkaru Mani Kettum -Mukesh, Siddique, Kalpana (1994)